Apostolic what?

I don’t  know what it means either. In the words of someone I respect ‘…and that’s the point!‘. This blog exists to find out what apostolic living looks like for me, and to challenge other people’s ideas of society, work, money, etc.

It feels kind of wrong to refer to myself as an apostle, kind of like when I worked at Woolworth’s stacking shelves and my job title was ‘Replenishment Engineer’. Nonetheless, that is what I was, and an apostle is what I am, or at least am aiming to be.

For too long I think I’ve been quite content to know that I have certain gifts without ever pushing them, or finding out exactly what i’ve been given and for what purpose. I’m blessed to have a great structure around me of people who can challenge me and point me in helpful directions. Outside of the sunday services of CV, I meet up with a couple of guys for breakfast each week and am just starting a quasi-LTG with a couple of guys a bit younger than me, where we can hopefully work through the sort of stuff I’ll be looking at on.
This Summer just gone I was thinking about the purpose of my life, what I am called to do. I worked through some gifts analysis questionnaires, which told me much the same things as I knew from doing similar secular exercises like Belbin, left/right brain, introvert/extrovert etc. However one thing popped out – ‘Apostolic’ figured highly in all of the surveys that it was an outcome. The most helpful explanation, or to be honest the one that most sounded like me, taken from ‘Discovering your God-given gifts‘ was this:

One who lays the initial foundation in different Christian projects and has the ability to recognize, encourage and empower the leadership needed to continue that vision.

You can find some more definitions here, along with verses to back it up.

Why apostolic living? I think we, as a church, as a society, have been guilty of compartmentalising God. For instance, pretty much every Christian would have an interest in what God might have to say on their marriage, but how many would think about involving him in whether to buy a house or not? My aim is to find out what God has to say about life, and put it into practice. The primary source for this will be Jesus’ life and the lives of his apostles, hence apostolic living.


~ by jgebrown on 5 November 2010.

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